We Generate Commercial Solar Inbound Leads and Calls with Decision Makers 

We operate through a revenue share model plus a minimum monthly retainer fee.
Our partners cover their hard costs such as tools, subscriptions, and ad spend.

We partner exclusively with established commercial solar provides to fill their pipeline with inbounds and booked meetings from medium to large scale businesses, schools, non-profits, and institutions looking to invest in solar.
We get your company in front of Medium to Large Scale Businesses Looking to Invest in Solar
Offer valid to select solar providers only in available service areas. 
At Simple Tree Digital we believe in earning your business. 

We offer exclusive commercial solar lead generation on revenue share basis + one year minimum monthly retainer fee for on-going campaign management and territory exclusivity.

Our partners pay for their own ad spend.

We supply the tools, know-how, and daily campaign management. 

Our partners typically see an anywhere from 20-80% increase in commercial solar sales from our lead generation efforts.

Our clients receive between a 300%-800% ROI through investing in our program within the first year. 
Here's How Commercial Solar Leads Rev Share Program Works
1).  Interview & Meet
We'll hop on a call with you and your team to learn more about your business' service areas, growth goals and sales process, to see if we're a fit for each other. If there is an opportunity to work together, we'll send over a the agreement that spells out the revenue share and cost sharing terms. Once this is signed, we begin the onboarding. 
2).  Payment & Onboarding
Once the agreement is signed we'll send over a Stripe online invoice for the agreed upon retainer fee. Once payment is received we'll begin our onboarding process to collect items like questionnaire answers, ad creative and an email account for outreach.

3). Lead Follow Up System
Once we have everything we need, we'll begin building our lead nurture follow up system, and CRM protocol. 

We require weekly updates on lead progress and detailed notes in the shared CRM. 
4). Campaign Deployment
Once our lead follow up system is built we can begin building and deploying our multi-channel lead generation campaigns to start sending you inbounds and call appointments for medium to large scale businesses in your area interested in your commercial solar offering.  
The Proof
We get you conversations and proposals with decision makers at businesses anywhere in the world.
Here's just a sample view of what our opportunities our exclusive commercial solar leads have become.
Frequently Asked Questions:
1). What is Included in Program?
A). We generate commercial solar inbound leads, booked call appointments using your company's branding and identity through a rev share agreement.

2). Are These Exclusive?
A). Yes. We only work with one commercial solar provider per territory throughout the globe.

3). What Does it Cost?
A). We charge a monthly flat retainer to reserve your territory, while you cover hard costs to operate the campaign including ad spend, software tools/subscriptions, and email lists.

4). How Do I Get Started?
A). Book a call with us to chat and see if we're a good fit for each other. We require 100% trust and transparency and frequent updates to shared CRM so we can track how the leads are performing through your pipeline. 
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Your Competition is Has No Clue How to Generate Commercial Solar Leads Like We Do!
Our multi-channel approach and lead nurture call booking system ensures lead flow is continuous.
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Proven Commercial Solar Lead Generation for the Solar Pros
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