We'll Build You a Solar Leads Machine That You Own and Control 
Done For You Solar Lead Generation and Follow Up System
We Build You a Residential Solar Leads System
Offer valid to select solar providers only in available service areas.
At Simple Tree Digital we've sending our clients exclusive homeowner solar leads since 2016.

As such we've perfected our system and understand how to adapt our proven templates to individual markets and brands.

We provide a done for you Residential Solar Leads and Appointment Booking System for available markets.

We build you our proven Facebook Ads Solar Lead Campaigns and an automated lead appointment booking system using our software of choice for a ONE TIME FEE.

We send homeowner leads interested in solar to your inbox while notifying your reps with an SMS notification when a new lead comes in. 

Simultaneously, the lead is sent an automated SMS and Email series trying to get them to book an appointment on your calendar. 

Once they book an appointment, we send out automated SMS and email reminders of the approaching appointment while prompting them to gather electric bills before the meeting.

This is a safety net to follow up immediately with all leads that come through our system, although we recommend you call the lead immediately as soon as it comes in.

You are left with everything we built for you since they are all owned, controlled, and paid for by your accounts.
Here's How Our Done For You System Works
1).  Onboarding
We'll consult with you on your business, lead delivery address, & confirm with you our advertising strategy, target audience, & have you approve our campaign kick off.
2).  Facebook Campaign Build
We'll handle your digital marketing for one month  & will place custom advertisements on Facebook & Instagram. We'll capture lead information including (name, email, & telephone) using a custom landing page.
3). Appointment Booking System
We build you an automated SMS & Email follow up system so leads book in-home appointments on their own time using an online booking scheduler. 
4). Deliver Daily leads
We'll deliver leads directly to your inbox daily and will have local prospects calling you. Any leads we generate you own 100%. Leads are not re-sold or repurposed in any capacity.
How Do We Generate Leads For Your Solar Firm?
Our marketing firm, Simple Tree Digital specializes in multi-channel lead and appointment generation for the commercial solar industry. 

As such to maintain our partners best interest we keep our lead generation methods well guarded.

That being said we using multiple online channels to generate both inbound leads, phone calls, and call appointments so you can present them unbiased education, for the opportunity to present a proposal and close the project.
Here's just a sample view of the volume of leads we've generated in the past month...
Frequently Asked Questions:
1). What is Included in This Residential Solar Leads System?
A). We build your business an optimized Facebook Page, Facebook Ad Account, custom landing page, appointment booking system, SMS email followup, & manage the ads to drive solar leads.

2). How do Facebook Ads work?
A). Facebook has an incredibly powerful advertising platform for which we can target your exact audience by age, gender, location, interests, online behaviors, & 100's of other factors. We are specialists at finding homeowners interested in solar online & bringing them to you. We can even target your past customers & retarget your current website visitors to increase your conversions even further!

3). Can I see some samples of your work? 
A). Absolutely. See screenshots of recent leads that are being sent to our clients inbox below.

4). Do you work with our competition?
A). We only work with 1 local solar provider per 10 mile radius so that there will be no conflict of interest between our client campaigns. Once you secure your location it is yours and yours only!

Glimpse at Our Leads Spreadsheet for a Client in Texas (1 of 2 Campaigns)

Here's What Other Solar Companies Have To Say About Our Work

Matt - Florida

"When we decided to launch our new company in Florida, Doug was instrumental in getting our digital foundation set up and started sending us new leads immediately while we waited for our SEO results to accrue. We are now 3 months in and already seeing a huge impact. Thank you Doug & his team. "

Dave - Texas

"We've been working with Doug for a month now and already we've seen our rankings and leads improve drastically. In one week our Google My Business listing generated 5 new calls in 3 days, and he sent us 10 new leads with Facebook. Excited for what's to come."

Justin - California

"We needed a big push to help rural propane homeowners here on the Central Coast start thinking about solar. We've done SEO with Doug for years so when he offered a Facebook campaign to drive solar leads we were immediately onboard. Facebook ads has now become an integral part of our lead generation. "

David - Nevada

"Doug reached out to me on LinkedIn. Decided to take a chance on Doug and his team after seeing the kind of results he gets for his solar clients. Sent us 9 leads within the first week alone all through Facebook, 3 of which became sit down appointments. Tough to argue against $20 exclusive leads. We are now continuing with more Facebook ads and a  local SEO program to diversify our lead generation channels."
Your Competition is Generating Leads Right Now on Autopilot using Facebook Ads!
Learn how we can do the exact same for you, with a Money Back Guarantee!
Below are some actual results and advertisements. Contact us today to learn if our system is right for you.
38 Residential Solar Leads from Minnesota at $5 each. 18 appointments and 3 installs within the first month
Solar Lead FB Ad Example
Leads Straight to Your Inbox from Facebook
(Ask about our Form Submits to Call Back Set-Up)
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Proven & Turn Key Residential Solar Leads System
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